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Repo info
    Faruk Toptaş
    You welcome.
    You can check this issue if you are interesed in: faruktoptas/FancyShowCaseView#48
    Alexis Azanza
    hello :) im liking this library, and I am trying to incorporate it now in our app
    i have a question
    how do I set the focus to the options menu at the top right corner of the activity
    do I need to get the handle or id for the view?
    Faruk Toptaş
    Hi Alexis
    I'm glad that you like my library :)
    you can use findViewById(ITEM_ID) to access the options menu item
    new FancyShowCaseView.Builder(this)
    .title("Focus on Actionbar items")
    please let me know if you you implement successfully
    Alexis Azanza
    hello Faruk :)
    thanks for the reply
    but I would like to have the focus on the the menu opener (the ellipsis), and not on an individual menu item
    something like this
    is there a way to attach an image in this chat?
    Alexis Azanza
    I would like something like that please
    thanks in advance :)
    Faruk Toptaş
    I think you want to focus three dots icon
    It doesn't have an id. So you need to find it through actionbar/toolbar view. Please see this thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20023483/how-to-get-actionbar-view
    Additionally you can focus a specific position. You can calculate 3dots position from the actionbar height. Then focus to that position. Here is the sample: https://github.com/faruktoptas/FancyShowCaseView/blob/master/app/src/main/java/me/toptas/fancyshowcasesample/MainActivity.java#L153
    Alexis Azanza
    i will try those
    thanks for the help Faruk :)
    Alexis Azanza
    hello Faruk
    im having a problem using the focusOn(view)
    it the activity is the exact same height of the screen, the focus highlight is at the correct location
    however, if the activity is longer than the screen (like you can scroll it down), the focusOn(view) has the height off by a certain distance
    it seems that the black overlay takes into consideration the height of the activity, and not the height of the screen
    so a taller activity has a taller overlay, even though you only see what fits on the screen
    is there a way to fix this
    Alexis Azanza
    here is what it looks like if I have an activity that is taller than the screen
    here is what it looks like if the activity is as tall as the screen
    it looks fine if the activity is as tall as the screen
    please help
    thank you in advance :)
    Alexis Azanza
    does the overlay take the height of the activity
    or of the screen?
    is the overlay the same height as the mRoot in
    mRoot = (ViewGroup) androidContent.getParent().getParent();
    Alexis Azanza
    hey, so this is what i found out
    val displayMetrics = DisplayMetrics()
    val height = displayMetrics.heightPixels
    val width = displayMetrics.widthPixels
    height is 1920
    for the picture i pasted above where the focus is correct, the measuredHeight is 1848