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Repo info
    Alexis Azanza
    it looks fine if the activity is as tall as the screen
    please help
    thank you in advance :)
    Alexis Azanza
    does the overlay take the height of the activity
    or of the screen?
    is the overlay the same height as the mRoot in
    mRoot = (ViewGroup) androidContent.getParent().getParent();
    Alexis Azanza
    hey, so this is what i found out
    val displayMetrics = DisplayMetrics()
    val height = displayMetrics.heightPixels
    val width = displayMetrics.widthPixels
    height is 1920
    for the picture i pasted above where the focus is correct, the measuredHeight is 1848
    for the other picture where the focus is off, the measured height is 1920
    Alexis Azanza
    okies, I found the solution
    sorry about that :D
    thanks Faruk, I still love this library
    Faruk Toptaş
    Hi Alexis
    good news to hear that you solved the problem.
    Most of the developers miss fitSystemWindows()
    Actually I want to handle it programmatically but I don't know if there is an easy way to do
    Can you share with me If you have an app on Google play using my library
    I want to add it to README file
    Alexis Azanza
    oh im doing a company app, im not sure if im allowed to share
    Faruk Toptaş
    no problem :)
    let me know if you have any problem or need improvements