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Repo info
    Subham Singha
    Hey guys, checkout our app we built for developers where you can ask simple coding questions and get solutions. Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codechan.pocketstack
    Hey everyone,
    I have a question regarding this code https://codepen.io/ondrabus/pen/WNGaVZN , more of a JS question
    The timer variable inside the debounce function, how is it static between launches ?
    Yogesh Sharma
    Hi, @all I'm new here and wanted to contribute in React please suggest me some issues so I can start working on it.
    Divyansh Chaurasia

    Hello Everyone, :wave:

    I am hosting a workshop about- Building your first video conferencing app! :bulb:
    Join us this Friday, as we will be building a video conferencing app from scratch in the workshop using JS.

    :calendar: - July 9th, 2021
    :alarm_clock: - 12.00 PM EST | 9.30 PM IST
    Know more-
    P.S- We are also doing a surprise giveaway, sign up to know more!

    Vini 🐋
    what's up everyone
    do you know someone that is hiring react devs?
    Hi Team, can it is possible to have multiprocess of individual tasks. 1 task is updating state per second that display using Text say time in HH:mm:ss and in between every interval of 10 seconds calling an api to post some events data to the backend but the issue is On Text that we display it somehow halt for a sec and glitch happen due to consistency of display time break to show on textview. How it can be resolve to show time smoothly without glitch please suggest.

    Hello community, not sure if this is the right place to ask (but I've looked every where on google, stackoverflow, discord...). I have a react-native+expo+typescrit app. I'm trying to setup my unit tests with jest+@testing-library/react-native. The component under test imports an icon from @expo/vector-icons. And I'm getting this nasty error back:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'default' of undefined
          at _default (node_modules/@expo/vector-icons/src/createIconSet.tsx:110:28)
          at Object.<anonymous> (node_modules/@expo/vector-icons/src/AntDesign.ts:5:16)
          at Object.<anonymous> (node_modules/@expo/vector-icons/src/Icons.ts:1:1)

    It looks like jest is choking attempting to default import...As a preset, I'm using the official jest-expo. I'm sure the error is on my side but I can't figure out what is wrong with my setup

    module.exports = {
        preset: 'jest-expo',
        setupFilesAfterEnv: ['<rootDir>/setupTest.ts'],
        moduleDirectories: ['node_modules', 'src/testing-setup', '__dirname'],
    Luis Carlos Cruz Carballo
    Hi, upgrading react-native to minSdkVersion to 21 getting on build Duplicate class com.google.android.gms.internal.firebase_messaging.zzh found in modules firebase-iid-19.0.0-runtime.jar (com.google.firebase:firebase-iid:19.0.0) and jetified-firebase-messaging-22.0.0-runtime.jar (com.google.firebase:firebase-messaging:22.0.0) onesignal uses 22... anyone had this issue?
    Hey everyone I need some help regarding my assignment. How can I create an audio indicator like the one that's there in google meet when we're speaking
    Salma BENSALAH
    Hi , is there anyone working with Augmented reality with react viro ?
    Stone Tech
    Hi. I am building Dapp and having problem with connecting walllet.
    Can I use web3modal in react native ?
    Joe Merkel
    Get code examples like "making a modal in react native" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension.
    Today most business organizations have preferred to outsource their projects rather than in-housing a team to meet business requirements. In-housing has its own set of expenditure, time consumption, and management issues. Outsourcing helps to remove all these problems. What are Security and Privacy Compliance Critical in
    react frontend development?
    Yogesh Sharma
    Hi Guys
    I'm new here and want to contribute please suggest to me some issues so i can start contributing here.
    Hi Everyone.
    Nice to meet you.
    Hi guys
    what the best way to connect react native with meteor server on Azure? I did something like that : Meteor.connect('wss://xxxxx.azurewebsites.net/websocket'); but does not work
    MERN Micro Framework

    Hello Everyone, MERN Stack Boilerplate provides starter kits for building web, desktop and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.


    If you have any query or suggestions. Please let me know.

    Viktor Gal
    hi! i'm trying to run a react-native (0.61.5) code on ios, but i keep getting Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib when i try to run the app on an actual device. in a simulator it all works nicely. the 'always embed swift standard libraries' option is turned to Yes, so i'm not so sure what else i could be doing wrong... anybody has any ideas for a workaround?
    We are looking for react native developer with 4+ years experience. If interested, please DM me.
    Sajesh Khadgi
    Hello, does anyone know a konva.js alternative for react native?
    hi guys, how are you doing
    i would like you to give me some recommanded books for learning blockchain and ethereum Dapps... technical books
    Hey, I am kind of stuck on something. I am getting a "Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: RNCAndroidDialogPIcker was not found in UIManager". I got this message after clicking on Sign Up on a AWS Amplify component for Auth.
    Saket Patel
    Can you guys please let me know why this code always logs undefined?
    const {currentSummaryTextIndex, setCurentSummaryTextIndex} = useState(150);
    const summaryTexts = ['sdfsdf', 'dfasdf', 'dsfasd'];
    useEffect(() => {
        const textInterval = setInterval(() => {
          setCurentSummaryTextIndex &&
              (currentSummaryTextIndex + 1) % summaryTexts.length,
        }, 5000);
        return () => {
          textInterval && clearInterval(textInterval);
      }, []);
    Saket Patel
    Never mind. I am stupid.
    MERN Micro Framework

    Hello Everyone,

    MERN Micro Framework provides starter kits for building web, desktop and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.


    If you have any query or suggestions. Please let me know.

    hey everyone!!!, i made my first react-native app(android) and deployed on playstore, but there are problems i found out from diffrent users, that
    --> is there something related to alerts thats shows white blank screen in some mobiles and works in others to be specific i think <= android 7 (blank alerts), in >=8 its working fine. can somebody help me what i can do?
    React.js/React Native Developer
    Experience: 3-5 Years
    We are starting a new react native project, so someone with strong react native skills are preferred.
    DM me please for more details
    Rafael Inácio
    @berniedev007 Remember me?
    Alessandro Defendenti
    Hi guys! I just upgraded to the latest version of XCode command line tools and my react-native run-ios command is not working anymore for me (says no connected iOS devices). any idea?
    Omar Himada
    try opening xcode and going to preferences and see if you need to sign in to your apple id
    Mohit Patel

    Hi guys! i am stuck with an issue in my app on xcode after successfull build i got error in macro builder Unable to resolve module crypto from hydro_app_b/node_modules/eth-lib/lib/bytes.js: crypto could not be found within the project or in these directories:

    If you are sure the module exists, try these steps:

    1. Clear watchman watches: watchman watch-del-all
    2. Delete node_modules and run yarn install
    3. Reset Metro's cache: yarn start --reset-cache
    4. Remove the cache: rm -rf /tmp/metro-*
      7 | var random = function random(bytes) {
      8 | var rnd = void 0;

      9 | if (typeof window !== "undefined" && window.crypto && window.crypto.getRandomValues) rnd = window.crypto.getRandomValues(new Uint8Array(bytes));else if (typeof require !== "undefined") rnd = require("c" + "rypto").randomBytes(bytes);else throw "Safe random numbers not available.";


    Expandables issue

    I have a flat list component in which there is a list of images with a dropdown button at the bottom right corner of the image. so whenever I press this dropdown menu it should expand and some content should be inside it. There should be another button in the expanded view and when I click on it, it should restore to its original position. I have tried a few solutions but I did not get the result that I wanted and I am new to this react native platform. so can anyone please help me and provide me with a way to solve this issue?
    Karsten Froemming
    Is anyone here on the RN Team? Salus is reporting a vulnerability in node-fetch versions less than 3.1.1. It is breaking our release pipelines
    React Native Developer
    Experience: 3-5 Years
    We are starting a new react native project, so someone with strong react native skills are preferred.
    DM me please for more details
    Elias Chaaya

    Has anyone experienced that your RN app freezes on iOS when using a TextInput with value as children? It happends when I navigate away from that screen and the TextInput unmounts.

    <TextInput>{value as children}</TextInput>

    Wrapping the TextInput with <Text> seems to fix the problem. But that causes other issues with focusing the TextInput.

    The reason I want the value passed as children instead of using the value props is that I have som markdown I style.


    Hi...I am trying to run my first react-native app
    I have run below commands in 2 terminals (on windows)

    npx react-native start
    npx react-native run-android

    but I'm getting below error
    any suggestions?
    When I upgrade react-native 0.63.3 to 0.66.4 our decryption failed on old encryption string. Using
    https://github.com/imchintan/react-native-crypto-js for encryption. Even upgrade lib with crypto-js nothing works.
    Any one face similar issue with AES encryption & decryption.
    Steven Parker
    React Native Stagger View:
    Staggered Grid View is a type of layout that is used to display images and posts. It is used to show listing with the Staggered.
    Omid Dehghan
    Hey everyone :)
    I have a website and published in there 1500 SEO optimized articles related to teaching the core of a few programming languages. Now I decided to sell the site. Please send me a DM if you're interested in.
    P.S: I know the request is not specifically relative to the community, but I thought it might be a public interest.
    Thank you

    Hi Everyone, LinkedIn is hiring a Software Engineer - Android. Anywhere in the US, full time.

    In this role, you will design and execute user-facing features for the native LinkedIn app as well as LinkedIn Learning app on Android devices, by leveraging mobile operating system frameworks for multi-threading, persisting data, and managing user experience and graphics across multiple screen sizes.

    Key Skills: API, Android, OOP, (MVC/MVVM/MVP), Data structures and Algorithms

    Please send your resume directly at masundaray@linkedin.com, or ping me if you have any queries.

    Saravanan PK
    Hi Guys , Please help me to find rooms where i can get react MUI related discussion.