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Repo info
Michael K
okay...I found out that /var/chef/cache is simply not linked with the cachier-cache
Michael K
==> vm-chef-server: Chef 12.0.0 Omnibus package is already installed.
==> vm-chef-server: Configuring cache buckets...
==> vm-chef-server: Running provisioner: chef_solo...
==> vm-chef-server: Detected Chef (latest) is already installed
^C==> vm-chef-server: Waiting for cleanup before exiting...
Vagrant exited after cleanup due to external interrupt.
$ vagrant ssh
Last login: Thu Dec 11 02:22:17 2014 from
[vagrant@vm-chef-server ~]$ cd /var
[vagrant@vm-chef-server var]$ ls
cache crash db empty games lib local lock log mail nis opt preserve run spool tmp yp
the folder isnt present before the chef run
I guess i nailed it :D
Michael K
okay...got it
@fgrehm cassianoleal/vagrant-butcher@81cc73c
vagrant changed from the attribute name to type
thus the chef cache path is never found correctly because no chef-provisioner is found
time for a open issue :)
Michael K
David Boucha
I'm getting an nfs locking error when using vagrant-cachier with lxc containers. seems to be working fine with virtualbox vms. Is anyone else running into this?
Darragh Bailey
Wondering if there is a reason that cachier runs InstallBuckets after every provisioner? At first glance it seems inefficient and I was thinking of submitting a change to reduce it to only running the first time, but is it enabling some behaviour I'm not considering?
Fabio Rehm
@UtahDave sorry but I personally don't use NFS with vagrant-lxc since the regular bind mounts are way more performant :grin: any specific reason you need to use NFS?
@electrofelix yeah, there is a reason behind that. more on fgrehm/vagrant-cachier#26, fgrehm/vagrant-cachier#32. HTH
I'm using vagrant-cachier in a multi machine setup, and need to disable it for a specific machine. Is this possible? Can't see anything like that in the documentation
Specifically this machine is provisioning java8 from oracle on ubuntu, and the package has symlinks. This extracts ok normally, but when using the cachier plugin, the location that the package is extracted from/to is symlinked to the cache folder which is a vsboxfs type, so not supporting symlinks, so it fails :(. Without using cachier, this is a normal ext4 fs folder, so extracts fine
Fabio Rehm
@Spiral90210 I think this should work
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.cache.scope = :box

  config.vm.define "web" do |web|

  config.vm.define "db"
Got round to testing that today, worked just fine, thanks for the assist!
Anton Kasperovich
Hey guys, mb someone can help me, i try to use vagrant-cachier for composer & npm cache between projects (boxes), but i discover some strange line of code for me, why used php checks for that bucket, if this is just folder with some files (tar archives for examples) and there is no dependencies on PHP. I'am asking because as i understood, cachier won't work cause this php check with Ansible provision
Inanc Gumus
hey. i've posted a comment about a vagrant-cachier bug here: https://github.com/fgrehm/vagrant-cachier/issues/74#issuecomment-105875789
it was closed before but i'm using the latest version and it happens again. i've posted debug and output logs too.
i wanted to let you know
awesome~ you made my day
Marco Janssen
by default it seems that the cache files flagged as generic are removed from the host machine and then copied to the cache
after that it's used in the guest machine in /tmp/vagrant-cache
anyway to keep the files in /tmp/vagrant-cache on the host machine as well?


config.cache.enable :generic, {
"logs" => { cache_dir: "/home/vagrant/apps/foo/app/logs" },

gets copied to guest:

then symlinked:
logs -> /var/vagrant-cache/logs

now i can't access my logs on the host machine considering /var/vagrant-cache/logs doesn't exist on the host machine, makes sense but would be great if i had some easy way too get the logs on my host though

Marco Janssen
ah it's actually still in the .vagrant dir
Marco Janssen
never mind figured it out by myself, always helps to write it down :D
Gaspar Chilingarov
hi all! any way to cache npm files which go under /root/.npm ??? puppet with global installation mode downloads all npm packages there . seems default npm bucket detects cache only under ~vagrant :(
Srikanth Viswanathan
Hi all, is there a way to configure a cache bucket to only cache a single file under a directory? I'm trying to cache /var/cache/oracle-jdk7-installer/<java-tarball>.tar.gz, but there's other files under there that I don't want to cache (they interfere with the install if cached)
Cameron Braid
is there any way to turn on/off the cache for individual machines in a multi-machine vagrant setup ?
Cash Williams
hello gang :D
just found this and trying to get it setup, however I'm not seeing a ~/.vagrant.d/cache directory created
I used Vagrantfile.local instead of Vagrantfile
Cash Williams
ha, I just saw the timestamps on previous messages in here...
Fabio Rehm
@CashWilliams sorry but the plugin is currently unmaintained :( https://github.com/fgrehm/vagrant-cachier#help-needed
Cash Williams
@fgrehm no worries, I think we got it working. Thanks
Fabio Rehm
Amo Chumber
hello chat. I've seen all the recent conversations about the project being unmaintained but wanted to get an update. Are there perople working on this project?
Tom Hodder
erm, am I missing something. enabling "c.cache.scope = :box" seems to create the symlink from /var/cache/yum to /tmp/vagrant-cache/yum and a local dir gets created
in ~/.vagrant.d/cache, but there is nothing in there, either before or after a vagrant run
do I need to create the synced folder manually?
Tom Hodder
oh, seems like it needed a destroy/create
sed -i 's/keepcache=0/keepcache=1/g' /etc/yum.conf
fails on fedora 27
Deepanshu Gajbhiye
I am using vagrant-cachier. It does not create copy of all the packages that I install in ~/.vagrant.d/cache. Also tend to download same packages again when I do vagrant destroy && vagrant up
Achala Bhatt
Hi, Im new to vagrant. I run the command vagrant up and vagrant ssh
After vagrant ssh the root of the file is changed. But i wanted to access some files what is command to access to files. Tried with cd but its not working.