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Dec 2014
Michael K
Dec 18 2014 04:21
Alright, currently that's not my goal I want to reach but if I need something like this I'll remember :)
Also I took a deeper look to Ansible (I heard of it before). It looks easier but I'm not sure if this is the case with really complex "Roles" especially for roles for multiple os
the agentless-thing is really neat ;)
Michael K
Dec 18 2014 18:01
okay...I found out that /var/chef/cache is simply not linked with the cachier-cache
Michael K
Dec 18 2014 18:17
==> vm-chef-server: Chef 12.0.0 Omnibus package is already installed.
==> vm-chef-server: Configuring cache buckets...
==> vm-chef-server: Running provisioner: chef_solo...
==> vm-chef-server: Detected Chef (latest) is already installed
^C==> vm-chef-server: Waiting for cleanup before exiting...
Vagrant exited after cleanup due to external interrupt.
$ vagrant ssh
Last login: Thu Dec 11 02:22:17 2014 from
[vagrant@vm-chef-server ~]$ cd /var
[vagrant@vm-chef-server var]$ ls
cache crash db empty games lib local lock log mail nis opt preserve run spool tmp yp
the folder isnt present before the chef run
I guess i nailed it :D
Michael K
Dec 18 2014 19:04 it
@fgrehm cassianoleal/vagrant-butcher@81cc73c
vagrant changed from the attribute name to type
thus the chef cache path is never found correctly because no chef-provisioner is found
time for a open issue :)
Michael K
Dec 18 2014 19:12