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Aug 2015
Marco Janssen
Aug 25 2015 13:35
by default it seems that the cache files flagged as generic are removed from the host machine and then copied to the cache
after that it's used in the guest machine in /tmp/vagrant-cache
anyway to keep the files in /tmp/vagrant-cache on the host machine as well?


config.cache.enable :generic, {
"logs" => { cache_dir: "/home/vagrant/apps/foo/app/logs" },

gets copied to guest:

then symlinked:
logs -> /var/vagrant-cache/logs

now i can't access my logs on the host machine considering /var/vagrant-cache/logs doesn't exist on the host machine, makes sense but would be great if i had some easy way too get the logs on my host though

Marco Janssen
Aug 25 2015 13:54
ah it's actually still in the .vagrant dir
Marco Janssen
Aug 25 2015 14:08
never mind figured it out by myself, always helps to write it down :D