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Oct 2014
Jens Kleikamp
Oct 25 2014 01:24
yeah kinda :worried:
in the end I think both issues I had to tackle are not related to vagrant-lxc. ubuntu/apparmor crap and lxc is one version higher than recommended. so i ride the bleeding edge :fire: :smile:
maybe what vagrant-lxc could do if possible is to check for the provider version. if running on 1.1 it could stop with a notice that it isn´t supported yet
Jens Kleikamp
Oct 25 2014 14:16
ok. what I wrote doesn´t sound legit. i made my basebox work on 14.10 (lxc 1.1)
I did install iproute2 package and changed the lxc config aa_profile = unconfined. This is a gentoo 64bit basebox.