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Feb 2016
Seth Fitzsimmons
Feb 09 2016 05:45 UTC
in the process of catching up on my email i realized that i’m going to miss this week’s meeting (unless i snag some in-flight wifi).
my update for this week is that POSM is going to Colombia this weekend but the folks on the ground will have sufficient internet access that they’ll probably use rather than the offline version.
i’ve been trying to track down some Stamen feedback on the big map composer, hopefully more action on that this week.
other actions TODO on my part:
add roadmap to wiki (and sketch out / extract roadmap from my brain)
add links + whatnot advertising the Cadasta’s proposed changes to the composer workflow
@wonderchook and i should coordinate on doing that and publicizing it on various lists, so as you figure out your timing, let’s do it.