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Feb 2016
Sweta Rani
Feb 20 2016 21:12 UTC

Hi, I am trying to install fieldpapers but I am caught in an error while running 'make'.
This is the response for 'make':
`` mkdir -p templates/cache chmod a+rwX templates/cache mkdir -p tmp chmod a+rwX tmp cd lib && make all make[1]: Entering directory/usr/local/fieldpapers/site/lib'
curl -sL "" > fpdf.tar.gz
make1: [FPDF] Error 6
make1: Leaving directory `/usr/local/fieldpapers/site/lib'
[all] Error 2

I could not get any success after browsing for the error . It would be great if you can help with this.
P.S: I am working behind a proxy which i did setup wherever required.

Ian Ross
Feb 20 2016 22:30 UTC
When you say you're "trying to install Field Papers", what exactly do you mean? Setting up for development? You shouldn't need to do "make" anywhere for that: the main web app is a Rails app, so there's no "make" involved anywhere.
Sweta Rani
Feb 20 2016 22:32 UTC
yes i am trying to set up for development.
I was following this guide
Ian Ross
Feb 20 2016 22:35 UTC
That's an old version of Field Papers (the clue is in the name "fp-legacy"). The only part of that repository that's still used is the "decoder" directory, which has the image processing code, and is built into its own Docker container from the Dockerfile there. The current version of Field Papers is in the fp-web, fp-tasks and fp-tiler repositories. The main Rails web app is in fp-web.
Sweta Rani
Feb 20 2016 22:40 UTC
So, I need to set up fp-web, fp-tasks and fp-tiler repositories all? I wish to work on decoder and QR code transformation.