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May 2015
May 21 2015 05:19 UTC
can someone help me with resolving FIJI issues
Niko Ehrenfeuchter
May 21 2015 08:22 UTC
@ggodoree are you having problem developing Fiji? Otherwise it is probably better to contact the ImageJ mailing list
May 21 2015 09:38 UTC
I previously was using the Image J for image analysis with my 2 year old macbook air and recently I changed the laptop to newest macbook pro hoping that image J process could be faster due to improved overall hardware. However, with the new macbook pro, i found that when i import an image into Fiji and work on color thresholding (for histological analysis), the program just freezes and won't work at all. whereas in the 2 year macbook air, the program runs smoothly without any problem.
i thought it could be some hardware issues and contacted apple but they think the laptop is fine and suggested to contact the developers of the Image J to identify the problem...
both macbook air (2 year old) and new macbook pro had same yosemite (latest one), same latest Image J and same image and yet, macbook pro freezes whereas macbook air runs smoothly...hmm... at the moment I am speculating there might be some problems with Java app..
I downloaded newest Java 8.0, but the problem still persists.. if anyone could help me that would be much appreciated
Mark Hiner
May 21 2015 12:50 UTC
@ggodoree There are known problems with new Macs. We're working on resolving them permanently, but this FAQ entry might help for now:
Curtis Rueden
May 21 2015 15:01 UTC
@ggodoree ImageJ freezing on new Macs is a new problem to me. However, I have seen many crash bugs with Java 6. There are also performance problems on OS X with both Java 7 and Java 8, unfortunately, related to graphics painting. But not computation AFAIK.
Here is a guide to diagnosing freezes/hangs:
May 21 2015 20:19 UTC
hmm..thanks for the advice. tried both..neither works..still problem persists. hmm funny thing though with my macbook air which is only 2 year has same OS yosemite, but it still works nice and smooth...just my new macbook pro..L(