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May 2015
Curtis Rueden
May 22 2015 02:27
@ggodoree Verify which version of Java ImageJ is actually using by clicking the status bar. And try using the Stack Dump command (shift + ) after the program freezes, to see information about what is happening.
More information is needed to diagnose the issue, but the "Debugging JVM hangs" guide linked above gives you the tools you need to get that information.
May 22 2015 09:43
Image J 1.49b (June 2014 release, however I tried the latest one 2015 continuous release as well, same thing happens). and java is 1.6.0_65(64-bit)
Sorry I did not understand what you mean by stack dump command (shift +)??
basically, when the program freezes, there is apple wheelspinning going on and i have to force quit the program..
I am sorry for asking too many things..but helps really appreciated.
Mark Hiner
May 22 2015 12:42
@ggodoree you're not asking too many things; no worries
the stack dump command is shift + \
@ctrueden apparently gitter chat treats backslashes as escape characters
Anyway @ggodoree since your application becomes unresponsive, shift + \ won't work (it opens an ImageJ console window)
But you can get the same result by launching Fiji from the command line, and when it freezes go back to Terminal and press "ctrl + shift + \"
that will print a list of what's going on in Java at that time, which will help reveal any deadlocks
and those instructions should be in that @ctrueden linked to
if that's still unclear please let us know!
May 22 2015 15:15
I tried opening image J by using via terminal. I typed open -a Fiji and the program was opened. However, when I type ctrl + shift + \ during freeze (with active window on terminal), nothing happens? I don't see any log shown on terminal window.
Also, the other thing noticed is that once the program freeze, and if i wait for 10 minutes, the program responds... which is still not normal but takes long long time to process...
Curtis Rueden
May 22 2015 15:53
@hinerm @ggodoree It's just Ctrl+\ from the terminal. No shift needed.
@ggodoree If you type it before the freeze, do you see a big stack trace? If so, but it doesn't happen during the freeze, then it is a very low-level freeze.
Hardware issues, maybe. You might have an issue with your hard drive, for example.
Again, double check your version of Java—are you launching Fiji with Java 8? If not, try that. Clicking the status bar will tell you e.g. "Java 1.8.0_45" or something like that.
If it says "1.6.0_65" then you aren't using Java 8.
And if the version of Java doesn't matter, then my theory is that your computer has a hardware issue. 10 minutes unresponsive smells like disk failure to me.
Or RAM. You could find some diagnostic software and run that.