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May 2015
May 23 2015 00:01 UTC
I tired opening Fiji with Terminal and also tried ctrl + \ before, during the freeze but I did not see any stack trace, except the mouse cursor disappears? I also have run diagnostic software.. been talking to apple support. With apple support, I tried diagnostic run, cache delete, SMC (system management controller), PRAM reset, clean install yosemite, ... there was no hardware issue detected according to the diagnostic run. (also tried Geekbench app and Blackmagic app to check CPU performance and Flash drive Write/Read speed, respectively)..
the only thing that I can speculate at the stage is either hardware issue that is not detectable by software diagnostic tests or incompatibility of the software with Yosemite...ah I also tried sophos virus check to see if there is any virus..
May 23 2015 02:26 UTC
I have spoken to apple support and they showed me this link:
its the web where they show compatibility of each apps and if you search "image J" the website shows the app is only compatible with mavericks not with yosemite.
I also told them my macbook air has yosemite but image J works fine. but they said it may not be the case with macbook pro. and suggested downgrade to mavericks.
May 23 2015 02:32 UTC
is anyone using macbook pro retina (mid 2014) and has problem of using Image J as well?
Curtis Rueden
May 23 2015 03:04 UTC
@ggodoree Many people, including myself, use Fiji on Yosemite, so that is not the issue.
My MacBook Pro is from early 2013 with Retina, and it works well.
I would definitely not downgrade to Mavericks.
May 23 2015 07:09 UTC
maybe the last thing to do is to ask apple support and see if they could replace my laptop with new one maybe?
I really need Image J..but my macbook pro is just too slow. Its not that image j crashes or permanently freezes during process but rather it is extremely slow and almost not useable for any image analysis. Once threshold an image, I have to wait like 5~7 minutes before it finishes job. This becomes more prominent when i do thresholding on an image that is large (like more than 50mb).. in contrast, my 2 y macbook air does things significantly faster, only takes about 30 seconds to threshold when dealing with big size image...