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May 2015
May 25 2015 01:42
hahahah! guess what guys i think I've found the problem.... it is very interesting behaviour... if i perform thresholding on macbook pro screen, image J freezes and extremely slow with spinning wheel cursor on and however, if i connect external monitor (via thunderbolt) and perform thresholding on the external mornitor (non-retina, normal 21inch AOC monitor), it works smoothly no problem, very fast. faster than macbook air.
wow..this is very interesting behaviour... can someone explain this? i think it is not cpu or memory problem,, i think it is the retina screen that causes issue in display..
Victor Caldas
May 25 2015 10:27

Hey guys. I'm stuck in a problem that seen to be simple.
I'm writing some plugins that use other plugins. If I call, for example, "My_plugin", ""), it will display the dialog - as I want - and I will put the parameters.

Then, on the next run, I want to use the same parameters for another image. I already try several commandos here but not work like I want. Do you know which part of the documentation should I be looking at??