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Sep 2015
Sep 17 2015 08:16 UTC
hello, i am a Chinese university students
my english is poor
i have a problem that when i install xlib ,the button don't appear in the interface
do you encounter this problem
Johannes Schindelin
Sep 17 2015 11:25 UTC
Kyle I S Harrington
Sep 17 2015 11:28 UTC
i havent used it, but from looking at the feature list, a number of those things can already be done in fiji without xlib, for whatever that is worth
Curtis Rueden
Sep 17 2015 12:52 UTC
@ylxiezhen The author of that Xlib plugin is probably the best person to answer your question, but he doesn't frequent this room, unfortunately.
You could write to the mailing list:
And soon we will have a Discourse forum :exclamation: