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Oct 2015
Curtis Rueden
Oct 16 2015 18:22 UTC
@dscho I am doing a bunch of component releases. Would you like me to cut a release of Time_Lapse? There hasn't been a release since you added the Phase Map plugin.
@tinevez Would you like me to release and upload a new TrackMate? There have been quite a few changes on master since 2.7.4. If so, would you prefer 2.7.5 (indicating bug-fixes only) or 2.8.0 (indicating new features)?
Curtis Rueden
Oct 16 2015 18:32 UTC
@iarganda Would you like me to release and upload a new Trainable_Segmentation? There have been significant changes on master since 2.2.1. Due to new API, it would be version 2.3.0.
@axtimwalde Would you like me to release and upload a new panorama_? You made a bug-fix on Oct 1, so it would be version 3.0.1.
@tinevez It looks like TrackMate added stuff (e.g., TrimNotVisibleAction) so it would be version 2.8.0.
Oct 16 2015 19:39 UTC
@ctrueden the only thing I can contribute is, that Java 8 JRE didn't work (but is the one, the errormessage links to) but installing JDK let me start Fiji.
Curtis Rueden
Oct 16 2015 19:40 UTC
@Sk1nk When you say the JRE, do you mean the one installed by Or by
Because the one installs only the "Internet Plug-in" whereas I think the oracle JRE installs into /Library/Java.
I think.
Also, when you say the JDK "worked", does that mean you didn't need to follow all those crazy directions linked from that FAQ entry?
I.e., you didn't need to edit Info.plist and such?
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Oct 16 2015 20:42 UTC
Hi @ctrueden Yes I am working on a TrackMate release. It would be 2.8.0 though it does not ship great stuff but mainly small utils. I also plain to advertise the modules other people have written with this release, to highlight this. And use this version to publish this #$%#$ nonexistant paper, which is like the Ragnarok.
But please do not release yet. More important than everything is that I am chasing nasty bugs and they are hard and time-consuming to get by. Plus I would like to tweak the UI I dislike.
The current state of TrackMate makes me a bit unhappy right now, and I would like to fix it properly before a proper release.
Stephan Saalfeld
Oct 16 2015 20:43 UTC
@ctrueden, yes please release panorama_ if it does not cause you work
@ctrueden, can you also release @tinevez' JDOM update?
I still believe that that could make BigDataViewer open XMLs again but I am drowning in work and cannot test