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Nov 2015
Florian Jug
Nov 03 2015 09:23 UTC

I'll need to talk to @fjug about that!

@ctrueden sorry… did not check gitter for a couple of days (Friday is CVPR deadline)…

Is this (speaking with me) still an active todo?
Kyle I S Harrington
Nov 03 2015 16:18 UTC
@fjug it was about the JOGL dependencies that seem to be in the ClearVolume repository, while @ctrueden has made some improvements to JOGL for 3D viewer and posted some corresponding JARs to maven central; presumably the hope is to avoid a divergence between JOGL versions
Curtis Rueden
Nov 03 2015 16:34 UTC
@fjug @kephale Indeed. The main goal on my end is to deploy Java 3D (1.6-scijava-1) + JOGL (3.2.2) to Fiji. And then hopefully ClearVolume can reuse that, and not need to deploy its own version of JOGL to its update site.
Florian Jug
Nov 03 2015 17:21 UTC
@ctrueden @kephale That would be wonderful. Currently we use maven shadowing to ‘hide’ parts that otherwise clash with Fiji versions.
As soon as you have JOGL 3.2.2 in Fiji ping me and I try to get rid of our shadowed dependencies. :)