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Nov 2015
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Nov 06 2015 14:28 UTC
Hum apparently not. Or I did not do things correctly. Can someone shed a light on this? I followed the instructions on the Fiji wiki, though.
Curtis Rueden
Nov 06 2015 15:42 UTC
@tinevez "Releasing" (double-push or otherwise) means to get the JAR built and onto the Maven repository.
So when you say "Fiji site" you mean the Fiji update site, right? If so, then uploading there is a separate thing, done manually for the moment.
@tinevez I know that some Fiji developers (particularly you and @iarganda and @StephanPreibisch) are still just uploading JAR files to the Fiji site directly, but we will be moving away from that as soon as I can find some time to set it up. Jenkins should be the one doing it, from official releases only.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Nov 06 2015 16:22 UTC
ok I do that this week end, Thanks @ctrueden