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Nov 2015
Nov 12 2015 17:35 UTC
Hello all, I've got a question concerning depth coding...
I've got a stack of confocal images I want to color code based on depth,
and I'd like to then save that color coding for a 3D projection.
Is there a way to do this? The final result would be a color coded 3D projection I can rotate and distinguish details on depth based on color.
Jan Eglinger
Nov 12 2015 18:04 UTC

@GTS-Compton that's a question for the forum:

But you can use "Temporal-Color Code" (unfortunate naming...) for that:

  • shift-click on Image > Hyperstacks > Temporal-Color Code to open the script in the editor
  • comment out lines 121-130 and run
  • open the resulting RGB stack in the 3D viewer
Nov 12 2015 22:06 UTC
@imagejan Thanks for pointing me toward the forum, but your suggestion was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much.