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Nov 2015
Michael Doube
Nov 27 2015 10:16 UTC
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@ctrueden but that implies that things like LocalThickness - an algorithm that measures 3D geoemtry like much of BoneJ - should be in the net.imagej.ops.geom.geom3d namespace rather than sc.fiji, as we were discussing somewhere else. A clear policy document on this point would be very helpful for contributors.
Curtis Rueden
Nov 27 2015 14:22 UTC
@mdoube It should move there, yes, after it is actually implemented in the Ops framework. Which right now it isn't. Agreed about the value of a policy doc.
I would strongly advise @rimadoma to learn the Ops framework. Note though that moving plugins to Ops entails a nearly complete rewrite. I suppose that is a major goal of BoneJ2, right?
Michael Doube
Nov 27 2015 14:28 UTC
@ctrueden you got it - BoneJ is getting rewritten for ImageJ2. Our main concern at this stage is whether there will be a performance hit, and how to mitigate that.