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Nov 2015
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
Nov 30 2015 17:31 UTC
@ctrueden I'm testing your version of the 3D viewer using java 1.7 and java3D 1.6. For now the transparency problem with isosurfaces remains (at least on my Ubuntu machine). I have a question for you: do I need to do anything new to import javax.vecmath classes from a script? Both the Script Editor and the Beanshell Interpreter have stopped finding those classes.
Curtis Rueden
Nov 30 2015 17:38 UTC
@iarganda The package prefix changed. It is now (temporarily) org.scijava.vecmath.
It will become org.jogamp.vecmath in the future.
Kyle I S Harrington
Nov 30 2015 18:11 UTC
@ctrueden but might there be some interest in debating where the contents of that package end up in the future, especially with respect to the 2-4D Vector*f classes?