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Dec 2015
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
Dec 01 2015 09:21 UTC
Thanks @ctrueden !
Richard Domander
Dec 01 2015 10:22 UTC
I guess you have realized that Fiji has an infinite acronym? ;)
i.e. Fiji -> Fiji is just ImageJ -> Fiji is just ImageJ is just ImageJ...
Jan Eglinger
Dec 01 2015 10:35 UTC
@rimadoma yes, I guess that was its intention. It's been on the wikipedia list of recursive acronyms for a while:
Curtis Rueden
Dec 01 2015 13:19 UTC
@kephale Not really our decision unless we want to permanently fork. We csn participate in community discussion if you have a case for different package/class names for Java 3D 1.7's vecmath. I will send you the JogAmp forum thread link when I get to the office.
Regarding extending the Apache Commons Math and/or vecmath types: I favor composition over inheritance. I.e.: adapters to and from ImgLib's chosen vector class (es).
Kyle I S Harrington
Dec 01 2015 14:59 UTC
@ctrueden Okey. Composition is certainly the lisp strategy anyway, so I'm happier with it. I'm just focusing on these specific data structures for rendering speeds.
Anywho, I'll poke at at some tests before the hackathon and be persuasive with numbers instead of words ; )
Curtis Rueden
Dec 01 2015 16:48 UTC
@kephale Here is the JogAmp forum thread.
Kyle I S Harrington
Dec 01 2015 17:14 UTC
@ctrueden ooo a new maintainer finally!!