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Dec 2015
Hi, everyone
After I installed FIJI, it shows I need to install JDK.
but I already have it in my computer.
anyone can help here?
Curtis Rueden
Dec 07 2015 03:46 UTC
@Xin Which OS? I am guessing OS X El Capitan?
If you can be specific about the exact state of your system, what didn't work, and then what fixes it, we can update the FAQ to be more informative.
@ctrueden yes, EL Capitan. Version 10.11.1. I think the major problem is caused by JDK version. Before I just directly updated, and checked it by my browser that said my Java is up to date. However, it doesn't work for Fiji. Then, I went to the website and downloaded "javaforosx.dmg" again. Then installed the whole package, it works now.
Richard Domander
Dec 07 2015 16:48 UTC
How can I prevent the \@Parameter dialog from automatically popping up? I have a
@Parameter(type = ItemIO.INPUT, initializer = "checkActiveImage")private ImagePlus activeImage = null;
and, I'd like the dialog not to pop up if activeImage is not compatible with my plugin
in this case (activeImage.bitDepth != 8)
Curtis Rueden
Dec 07 2015 17:29 UTC
@Xin Glad it works for you now!
@rimadoma What would you like to happen if the active image is not compatible?
Curtis Rueden
Dec 07 2015 17:46 UTC
You say you want the "dialog not to pop up" but... why? And then what? Presumably you want an error message to be displayed instead?