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Dec 2015
Curtis Rueden
Dec 16 2015 01:37 UTC
@imagejan I want to explain quickly why there is not a Descriptor_based_registration released and uploaded yet.
Descriptor_based_registration depends on SPIM_Registration, which depends on mines-jtk and java3d. We have updated to a new version of Mines JTK licensed under the APLv2 (and therefore compatible with the GPLv3). And as you know, we are also updating to the SciJava fork of Java 3D 1.6. Both of these now require Java 7.
It is also the case that ImageJ Ops recently switched to Java 8. Today, after weighing the options, @hinerm and I decided to let the master branches of various components continue to move forward even if it requires migrating to Java 7 or 8. And we are migrating pom-imagej and pom-fiji component versions forward accordingly too.
To continue supporting Java 6, the core ImageJ and Fiji update sites will see no new update of any component that has switched to Java 7 or 8. There will be a new Java 8 update site that ships the latest releases of all affected components.
Curtis Rueden
Dec 16 2015 01:44 UTC
So, steps remaining to get Descriptor_based_registration out the door include: 1) cut the new Java-3D-1.6-based release of 3D Viewer; 2) update SPIM_Registrationto use it; 3) cutting a release of SPIM_Registration; 4) update Descriptor_based_registration to use that; 5) Probably also cutting releases of other affected components; 6) And as part of that, I am updating the <developers> and <contributors> blocks of components being updated to use the new scheme.
Curtis Rueden
Dec 16 2015 01:52 UTC
So anyway, it will be another day or two before we get all these updates out the door. I'll keep everyone posted.
Jan Eglinger
Dec 16 2015 14:10 UTC
@ctrueden Thanks for the explanations and all your work! I'm fine with using a locally-built version of Descriptor-based registration and mpi-cbg for now.
Curtis Rueden
Dec 16 2015 15:37 UTC
@hinerm When you get a chance, let me know which issue(s) and/or branch(es) to look at for the scripting-java and/or minimaven work you did. Now that we are merging Java 7+8-based work to master branches, we could merge that work whenever you think it's ready.
Mark Hiner
Dec 16 2015 15:47 UTC
@ctrueden should just be scijava/minimaven#15. Scripting-java stuff is already merged and released
Curtis Rueden
Dec 16 2015 17:07 UTC