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Jan 2016
Richard Domander
Jan 29 2016 17:38 UTC
Should I produce the POM for it too, or is this okay?
Mark Hiner
Jan 29 2016 20:56 UTC
@rimadoma I was able to run the class by just dropping it into the ImageJ project so it's alright
Mark Hiner
Jan 29 2016 21:03 UTC
@rimadoma @ctrueden so I think it's a side-effect of the showUI call and not necessarily a problem with the ConvertService. If I show the UI before the conversion call, a window does NOT pop up
I assume that when showUI is called it says "well now I'm going to be visible, so if I have any pre-existing Datasets that were created when I was hidden, I should show them too"
so I think we need some granularity about whether Datasets "should" be visible or not and then be less aggressive when the UI starts up
@ctrueden says this is related to a bug fix from Datasets not showing up when opened from the command line, if the Dataset was created before the UI was shown
Curtis Rueden
Jan 29 2016 23:51 UTC
That was speculation, but yeah.