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Feb 2016
Feb 19 2016 09:36 UTC
Can somebody recommend a plugin for measuring volume in 3D? As in we have 3D image stacks of fluorescent images.
Curtis Rueden
Feb 19 2016 19:13 UTC
@rimadoma I agree that that seems unexpected. Though I haven't thought about that code/API in a long time.
@rimadoma Did you debug into it?
Florian Jug
Feb 19 2016 20:52 UTC
@mdoube on my own 14.04 I recently did exactly what @axtimwalde suggested to get things running.
In case it works, please let me know, ok?
Ulrik Günther
Feb 19 2016 20:53 UTC
@fjug: it’d probably be good to also add it to the wiki then
i’m just installing 15.10 on a machine at home, so i could also verify the steps then