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Feb 2016
Jan Eglinger
Feb 29 2016 09:57 UTC

Another question (sorry, didn't follow the recent discussions): what's the timeline with TrakEM2 and Fiji on Java8? Currently it's broken due to the absence of javax.vecmath and not updated to use org.scijava.vecmath yet. When running TrakEM2 in a Java8-enabled Fiji, I'm getting the following kind of errors:

Exception in thread "T2-Canvas-Offscreen" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/vecmath/Tuple3d
    at ini.trakem2.display.Bucket.find(
    at ini.trakem2.display.Bucket.find(
    at ini.trakem2.display.Layer.find(
    at ini.trakem2.display.DisplayCanvas.gatherDisplayables(

Since we have quite a number of TrakEM2 users in our institute, I'd like to make sure everything works for them, but not leave them working with a Life-Line version of 2010 forever ;) But it would be great to get migrated soon!
If I can be of help debugging, please let me know. @axtimwalde + @ctrueden
If it's just about replacing javax.vecmath pointers by the scijava equivalent, I can try creating a pull request :smile:

Jan Eglinger
Feb 29 2016 14:15 UTC
ok, sorry for complaining, I had a look at the current TrakEM2 repo now. I tested TrakEM2_-1.0h-SNAPSHOT after building the current master (, and it seems to work fine with the Java-8 update site enabled. I will try that for a while. Is there anything blocking a release of TrakEM_-1.0h and uploading that to the Java-8 update site (since it at least works better than 1.0g) ?
Curtis Rueden
Feb 29 2016 15:28 UTC
@imagejan I do not know if there are any obstacles. If @axtimwalde agrees to do the release, I am happy to upload everything.