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Mar 2016
Florian Jug
Mar 01 2016 08:01 UTC
@hinerm Happy Birthday! :)
Stephan Saalfeld
Mar 01 2016 08:41 UTC
@imagejan @ctrueden yes, the Java 8 update site needs a build from TrakEM2's current master, i.e. a release 1.0h. As usual, this doesn't come alone but with some other upgrades in jitk-tps and mpicbg-trakem2. I am currently travelling and may be able to look at this tonight after arrival. For the time being, TrakEM2 release only works with the Java8 update site disabled. Master is compatible. As an excuse, there was an ongoing trakem2/TrakEM2#13 about the right way of proceeding that only recently has cumulated in a resolution.
Jan Eglinger
Mar 01 2016 09:19 UTC
Alright, thanks a lot for the info.
Mark Hiner
Mar 01 2016 12:55 UTC
thanks @fjug :)