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Mar 2016
Florian Jug
Mar 07 2016 13:31 UTC
Hello all! I cannot download the latest fiji… besides downloading VERY slow, the download also cancels far before reaching the end… restarting download restarts from beginning… any ideas?
Ulrik Günther
Mar 07 2016 13:39 UTC
i saw the same at different points in the last two weeks, but the speeds recovered sometimes (from a low of 100kb/s on a 200mbit line)
Florian Jug
Mar 07 2016 14:06 UTC
I solved this by asking Gaia at MPI to download it… there the connection was (coincidentally?) fast enough to finish download before connection breaks down… She then put in on a Dropbox folder and shared it with me! :D
Curtis Rueden
Mar 07 2016 18:19 UTC
@fjug The latest Fiji downloads are now served from instead of We expect this will be much more robust, especially for users in the EU.
@/all Please let us know if you still experience incomplete downloads.