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Mar 2016
Mar 09 2016 15:18 UTC
I want to upload jars for ui-behaviour 1.0.2, bdv-core 2.2.0, bdv-fiji 2.1.0
They require java 8
How do I upload to the java 8 update site?
Can someone point me to that information?
Mar 09 2016 15:31 UTC
@ctrueden @hinerm The build is failing although jenkins just compiled and released bigdataviewer_fiji. Strange...
I think it happened when I set scijava.jvm.version to 1.8
For bdv-core that worked fine
Do you have any hints of what could be going wrong?
Mark Hiner
Mar 09 2016 16:02 UTC
@tpietzsch looks like you just changed the job to Java 8 :)
that should fix it
Mar 09 2016 16:49 UTC
cool, thanks @hinerm !
it works now
Curtis Rueden
Mar 09 2016 17:10 UTC
@hinerm @tpietzsch Hehe, it was me who changed it. Without reading this channel. :tongue:
Sorry for the confusion there.
This is why the Release-Version job has a big ol' warning at the top: "please make sure the component's Jenkins job is currently passing first!"
Because if your project unintentionally required Java 8 to build, the main Jenkins job would (correctly) fail, but Release-Version would erroneously succeed and cut a release.
Once everything is fully on Java 8, this won't be a problem anymore of course.
@tpietzsch I added Pietzsch as an uploader for the Java-8 site. So now you just write "webdav:Pietzsch" for your host in the Java-8 row. And it should allow you to upload there.
You might want to double-check that the Jenkins job for each of your components is set to build with the correct version of Java.
Unfortunately, we cannot just change them all to Java 8 across the board, because as you may know, components requiring an older version of Java may end up getting successfully built even though they use Java-8-only code.
(I.e.: the -target and -source flags are not 100% safeguards against incompatible code creeping in.)
Curtis Rueden
Mar 09 2016 22:08 UTC
@/all Check this out:
Soon, will serve that. Then will actually go to, a Fiji-specific download page, which does not conflate core ImageJ. And will be tweaked to make clear that you can download either A) ImageJ itself; or B) a distribution of ImageJ (e.g., Fiji or BoneJ).
And all other<Foo> pages will redirect to<Foo>.
This will finally eliminate the "duplicate wikis" problem we have had for a long time, while preserving Fiji's branding at the top level.
I hope that @tomancak and @eliceiri in particular are happy with this solution.
Richard Domander
Mar 09 2016 22:13 UTC
@ctrueden Sounds good to me :+1: