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Mar 2016
Stefan Helfrich
Mar 10 2016 07:50 UTC
@ctrueden :+1:. But we should notify maintainers before the<Foo> to<Foo>. There might be some hacks in the pages to make the content look good in the design that don’t work anymore on
Florian Jug
Mar 10 2016 10:22 UTC
Mar 10 2016 11:29 UTC
If I am using some java3d classes, and I am trying to setup a pom.xml should I switch to using the scijava version of java3d?
Curtis Rueden
Mar 10 2016 14:24 UTC
@odinsbane Personally I would suggest so. That is the way we are going. And will work with Java 8. And that version of Java 3D is available as a real dep feom Maven repo, unlike the old version.