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Mar 2016
For some reason ImageJ1 cannot allocate more than about 1.5 GB of memory on 32-bit systems
Curtis Rueden
Mar 17 2016 16:19 UTC
@bnorthan I guess the IJ launcher is being too aggressive when it guesses how much RAM to allocate to Java. Some 32-bit systems max out as low as 1.3GB in my experience. :-(
The JavaFX launcher will behave differently so we can fix the problem as part of that work.
Brian Northan
Mar 17 2016 17:14 UTC
@ctrueden, @rimadoma thanks. I'm not sure what it uses for the initial guess, or how that works. I did not see a ImageJ.cfg file in the fresh installation... but as soon as I added one, and set the max memory to 1000m it worked fine.