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Mar 2016
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
Mar 21 2016 17:37 UTC
@ctrueden and @hinerm I just realized my MorphoLibJ pom has scijava-pom as parent (i guess because I copied the pom from the old minimal-ij1-plugin example). What is the policy now? using pom-imagej, right?
Jan Eglinger
Mar 21 2016 18:52 UTC
@iarganda that depends on what bill of materials you want to use. Your dependency on Jama can use the managed version from pom-scijava, but to also profit from the managed versions for ImageJ components, you should use pom-imagej I guess.
( @ctrueden , @hinerm correct me if I'm wrong)
Curtis Rueden
Mar 21 2016 21:03 UTC
@imagejan Precisely. And if you need to depend on Fiji plugins then use pom-fiji as parent.
Depending on pom-imagej (or descendent thereof) also inherits the imagej-maven-plugin config and probably other goodies.