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Apr 2016
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Apr 05 2016 12:54 UTC
TrackMate can now be called from IJ1 macro. Is someone interested in testing this?
Ulrik Günther
Apr 05 2016 14:03 UTC
@ctrueden: @tpietzsch told me you know how i could bundle native libraries in a jar and load them… if yes, can you help me with that please?
(i have a c++ library wrapped with swig that i want to jar)
Curtis Rueden
Apr 05 2016 14:11 UTC
@skalarproduktraum I am no expert. We use scijava/native-lib-loader. The question is: does your native C++ library have additional C++ library dependencies?
Because if so, things get a lot more complicated.
We also use maven-nar/nar-maven-plugin for building native code into NAR files, which the native-lib-loader can then load.
Ulrik Günther
Apr 05 2016 14:12 UTC
no, just system STL lib and HDF5 C lib, that’s it
so the NAR plugin also takes care of compilation of the cpp files?
Jan Eglinger
Apr 05 2016 14:43 UTC
@tinevez :+1: I'll test it as soon as I find the time.
Curtis Rueden
Apr 05 2016 22:03 UTC
@skalarproduktraum Yeah, NAR takes care of compilation. Although there are ways to delegate that, if you try.
(E.g., there is a guy on the mailing list right now who is attempting to make NAR work with CMake.)
If you have no deps, you can probably create your own JAR file with your native libs, then use native-lib-loader to load it.