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Apr 2016
Gabriel Einsdorf
Apr 13 2016 12:18 UTC
is the website down for you too ?
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Apr 13 2016 12:33 UTC
Here in Pasteur, Paris, France, it appears as down.
Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
Apr 13 2016 13:23 UTC
Yeah, it looks down.
Ulrik Günther
Apr 13 2016 13:34 UTC
website unreachable from mpi-cbg as well, and not pingable
Curtis Rueden
Apr 13 2016 13:47 UTC
Sorry guys. Will investigate in a moment. The web server went down too... not sure what is up yet.
Does work?
Gabriel Einsdorf
Apr 13 2016 13:48 UTC
Curtis Rueden
Apr 13 2016 14:24 UTC
Server is back up.
Kevin Mader
Apr 13 2016 14:30 UTC
@ctrueden thanks I'll take a look at it. Hopefully there is a nice way to use this as a jupyter backend since the notebook presentation is quite nice there