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Apr 2016
Brian Northan
Apr 17 2016 11:50
@kmader I am not aware of any way to use it as a jupyter backend. However I know there has been work on a python bridge in CellProfiler and KNIME. If you could call ops from native python with converters between imglib2 structures and numpy arrays I think you should be able to use jupyter as a backend. @hinerm is this possible with converters?? @ctrueden do you know if anyone is using CellProfiler in a notebook??
Curtis Rueden
Apr 17 2016 13:17
@bnorthan I know @LeeKamentsky is using a Python notebook for our AQLM workshops this year. No direct CP usage I don't think, but I would be surprised if you can't use CP that way.
Brian Northan
Apr 17 2016 15:17
@ctrueden , @LeeKamentsky, are the notebooks for aqlm on github??