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Apr 2016
Curtis Rueden
Apr 21 2016 02:34 UTC
@hinerm I released scijava stuff (pom-scijava, scijava-common), imagej stuff (pom-imagej, imagej-legacy, imagej-ops), and fiji stuff (pom-fiji).
Next, we need to: 1. release imagej-launcher 4.0.4 (fixes Win10 32-bit, thanks to @stelfrich); 2. release TrackMate, Simple_Neurite_Tracer and IO; 3. update imagej/imagej and fiji/fiji accordingly (which I guess means another pom-imagej and pom-fiji, oops...); 4. test and upload all to Java-8.
This update will: 1. fix Win10 32-bit memory allocation as mentioned above; 2. fix the preprocessor cancelation bug; 3. eliminate the batik uber-JAR, closing fiji/fiji#83 and addressing this forum post; 4. fix the "1 errors during plugin discovery" message some people have noticed, and relatedly, fix execution of ImageJ1 plugins from the script editor and via --run again.
Curtis Rueden
Apr 21 2016 03:08 UTC
Item 2 above (releasing the fiji components) is now done.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Apr 21 2016 06:30 UTC
@ctrueden sorry I was super tired.
I tried to run SystemInformation, but could not have a proper Service set to initialise from the main method. They are all null.
I have tried to run net.imagej.Main, etc up to no avail. I remember fighting this a while ago but could not retrieve the way to make it work.
This reminds me a bit of Quantum Theory: a snippet that creates the conditions in which you cannot determine why it is working.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Apr 21 2016 07:23 UTC
fiji/fiji#83 Thanks @ctrueden
Curtis Rueden
Apr 21 2016 16:23 UTC
@hinerm There are some remaining class clashes I am working out across Fiji relating to the XML classes. However, I think it is safe to upload the new scijava-common to the Java-8 update site any time. The imagej/imagej and fiji/fiji master branches will "catch up" to it very soon.
I will be in to the office ~1:30pm today, but feel free to upload it earlier if you wish.
Also, if you could cut the new release of imagej-launcher, that would be awesome. I didn't do it yet.
Curtis Rueden
Apr 21 2016 16:30 UTC
Then all that remains will be to release new poms again that fix the class clashes (probably via exclusions; researching now), and bump the version of net.imagej:imagej itself.
Kyle I S Harrington
Apr 21 2016 16:55 UTC
@ctrueden LMAO
@kmader ok i'm stumped about the notebook displays (given that I'm puttering at this in Clojure), I see that the jupyter-scala package is providing the display function but it is behind so many layers of abstraction that i'm having trouble figuring out where the actual code is
although it looks like the scala world solved this, do you happen to know anything about how you trigger an image to be rendered, like does one actually need to hook into the Jupyter ZeroMQ instance and send a MIME encoded image via JSON?