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May 2016
Curtis Rueden
May 07 2016 02:50 UTC
@hadim It looks lik 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 never made it into the Maven repository. Did you wait for the job to trigger before pushing the second time?
It looks like the v1.2.1 tag is also pointing to the incorrect commit.
Double-push to master... so error-prone... :frowning:
I am deploying them manually now.
Curtis Rueden
May 07 2016 02:59 UTC
@hadim fiji/pom-fiji@ac6fde8
@hadim I uploaded the 1.2.2 release to the Java-8 update site. Cheers.
Hadrien Mary
May 07 2016 23:01 UTC
Hum I may did a force push at some point (don't remember)... Beside that I don't understand what I could have done wrong.
Anyway thank you.