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May 2016
Ivan Ruiz
May 09 2016 02:40 UTC
@hadim I tried several times and with different versions with no success , thanks i'll keep trying
Curtis Rueden
May 09 2016 03:25 UTC
@ivanfrustrado_twitter Actually those errors are safe to ignore.
Err, actually maybe not.
There are a bunch of safe-to-ignore errors on the console. But that one may be different.
Ivan Ruiz
May 09 2016 04:45 UTC
yeah, I really don't understand a lot
my knowledge it's really basic
Now I tried it on my office's computer and it gives me kind of the same errors and then it takes me to browse a file, I tried the plugin jar and the weka jar but it does nothing
Mark Hiner
May 09 2016 15:22 UTC
@iarganda did you see the TWS issue?
Jan Eglinger
May 09 2016 16:00 UTC

@ivanfrustrado_twitter if on the other computer you tried, the errors look like:

    at weka.core.ClassCache.initFromManifest(

this is due to the weka core jar file, and can safely be ignored, as @ctrueden says.
The NoClassDefFoundError is strange though: maybe the folder didn't extract correctly?

Richard Domander
May 09 2016 16:01 UTC
I'm confused: when you have IJ1 classes in your IJ2 plugin you're supposed to do the LegacyInjector.preInit() static initializer call, right? But if I do that to the test class of that then it leads to mvn build failure (No class def found)
Curtis Rueden
May 09 2016 17:04 UTC
@rimadoma Yeah, but the legacy injector thing is very dicey.
Basically, if your class has API (e.g. method arguments, method return values, or fields) that uses IJ1 classes, then even the preinit trick will not save you.
Because the unpatched IJ1 classes will be recursively loaded before your static initializer runs.
Richard Domander
May 09 2016 17:51 UTC
@ctrueden Yes, I've avoided this. This test class only had an ImagePlus as a local variable. Actually, do I need legacy injector in that case?
Ivan Ruiz
May 09 2016 18:48 UTC
Thanks guys I just downloaded Fiji with Java 8 again and it worked. Hooray!
Curtis Rueden
May 09 2016 19:25 UTC
@ivanfrustrado_twitter Awesome, glad to hear it!
@rimadoma Probably is safer to keep it... test both ways?
@rimadoma If you want, @hinerm and I can try to reproduce the NoClassDefFoundError on our machines, and try to understand it better.
I will be traveling for the next few days though and may not have time immediately.