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Jun 2016
Jun 04 2016 05:48
Hi, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to java, and I've been trying to do my best to learn as much about the language as possible. Recently I've started learning the logic behind analyzing images pixel by pixel for their RGB data. Whilst doing this I stumbled upon svs files which led me to this chat room. Could someone direct me to what file(s) inside of the open source fiji project that would contain the algorithm to decode an svs file, as I'm deeply interested in how one would go about decoding such a large and complex image file. Thanks in advance!
Gabriel Einsdorf
Jun 04 2016 09:05
Hi @wongmac, in most cases FIJI uses the bioformats library to read images. This is also the case for SVS images.
Is a link to the SVSReader in the bioformats projet
Jun 04 2016 12:34
@gab1one thank you so much!
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Jun 04 2016 16:45
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