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Jun 2016
Jun 08 2016 00:35 UTC
Apologies in advance for this question: I am working with an LSM image from a Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal Microscope (101.61x101.61 um, 1024x1024). I am looking to collect the XY coordinates of a line segment ROI (I take the XY coordinates to be the midpoint of the line segment). I have gone to Analyze > Set Measurements > Invert Y Coordinates to make the origin of the image the lower left corner. When I measure ellipses, rectangles and points, the XY coordinates are given with respect to the lower left corner. However, when I use the line tool, the XY coordinates are given with respect to the upper left corner (the default where the upper left corner is taken to be (0,0)). Is there a way to get the line’s coordinates with respect to the lower left corner? Many thanks.
Curtis Rueden
Jun 08 2016 11:02 UTC
@user20160607 Sounds like a bug/inconsistency in ImageJ 1.x core to me. I suggest posting this query on so that Wayne Rasband sees it. He does not use Gitter, so will not see it here. The forum will also reach a larger audience of experts.
Jun 08 2016 18:37 UTC
Huge thanks @ctrueden! Cheers.