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Jun 2016
Curtis Rueden
Jun 14 2016 16:01
@stelfrich IIRC, you were interested in getting Jenkins to build topic branches? The new Jenkins release has an awesome new plugin called GitHub Organization Folder which uses the awesome new pipelines feature. My plan is to update the ImageJ Jenkins to use these new features (the Jenkins version itself is already upgraded :grin:).
I cannot work on this before the July hackathon, but perhaps during the hackathon, if people are interested. Or later this summer. We also have a student sysadmin @aneevel who might be able to work on it earlier; we'll see.
I am really pumped about having a Jenkinsfile in each repo, instead of externally managed config.
Stefan Helfrich
Jun 14 2016 17:40
That’s awesome, @ctrueden! Thanks for looking into it :+1: What about your concerns of the additional load on the build VMs?
Curtis Rueden
Jun 14 2016 19:57
@stelfrich I don't think the additional load will be that bad. It's not like people are pushing 100s of topic branches.
We'll just have to try it and see. :-)