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Jun 2016
Nico Stuurman
Jun 19 2016 02:17 UTC
I am having trouble debugging the ImageJ Updater using NetBeans. I cloned the project from Github, opened it as a project in NetBeans. It build fine, however, I do not know how to run the code. With ImageJ1 project, I simple set the "Run" section of the project properties to use ij.ImageJ as the main class, and to execute in the directory in which I installed Imagej. However, that results in the error: Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:exec (default-cli) on project imagej-updater: Command execution failed. Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1) -> [Help 1]
Curtis Rueden
Jun 19 2016 13:17 UTC
@nicost The IJ2 main class is net.imagej.ImageJ. You can run using snapshot couplings or you can use remote debugging. See Architecture page for hints.
Happy to help in more detail, but am traveling today so response from me will be suboptimal.