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Jul 2016
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Jul 13 2016 03:06 UTC
I have a stupid question:
What is the license of TrackMate?
Curtis Rueden
Jul 13 2016 05:12 UTC
@tinevez Isn't that up to you and Dscho and @tpietzsch and any other contributors? If it does not say anywhere then probably would be good to discuss that. I am guessing Dscho at least assumed GPL. Lastly, did you check the LICENSES file in fiji/fiji for its opinion?
Also: does TrackMate depend on any copylefted components?
Jul 13 2016 10:10 UTC
@tinevez If there should be any code that I wrote in there, I'm fine with whatever license you chose
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Jul 13 2016 13:23 UTC
@ctrueden Yes I checked the LICENSES file and TrackMate is not in. I think we simply did not set explicitly a license and that we do not know now.
I would like to have TrackMate LGPL (or something) to allow closed-source plugins to use its API.
But as you rightfully pointed, the TrackMate license might be determined by the components it depends on.
I will investigate.
@tpietzsch Thanks!