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Aug 2016
Aug 18 2016 13:36 UTC
@stelfrich @ctrueden no news from me, but I might have some time to work on it next week
first TODO is I need to remember which solution @axtimwalde and me agreed on
Stefan Helfrich
Aug 18 2016 13:39 UTC
:worried: I know that feeling
Curtis Rueden
Aug 18 2016 14:12 UTC
I don't even remember if we wrote it down anywhere! The ol' noggin' ain't what it used to be!
Curtis Rueden
Aug 18 2016 20:23 UTC
@StephanPreibisch Sorry to hear that you still cannot upload. When you changed your password, did you ensure it was for "your personal update site" and that it contained no symbols?
If you still have trouble, I am happy to upload whatever you need. Just let me know.