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Aug 2016
Aug 22 2016 20:10 UTC
@ctrueden I created today 2 accounts on the fiji wiki (while trying to create personal update sites for the lightsheet course). I don't need those anymore. Is there a way to delete wiki accounts?
Curtis Rueden
Aug 22 2016 21:17 UTC
@tpietzsch If you tell me the names of the accounts, I can delete them for you.
Aug 22 2016 22:23 UTC
@ctrueden "Embo_lish_16" and "Embolish16"
(but not "Embolish" -- we are using that one...)
by the way: the captcha on the "create account" page on the imagej wiki shows escaped html code:
Aug 22 2016 22:28 UTC
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 00.26.33.png