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Sep 2016
Florian Jug
Sep 05 2016 07:54 UTC

Even running standalone, yes you create your own context, but no you do not instantiate services manually.

@ctrueden Yes, sorry… this is what I do… I instatiate my own context and then retrieve the LogService

final Context context = new Context( OpService.class, OpMatchingService.class,
                    IOService.class, DatasetIOService.class, LocationService.class,
                    DatasetService.class, ImgUtilityService.class, StatusService.class,
                    TranslatorService.class, QTJavaService.class, TiffService.class,
                    CodecService.class, JAIIIOService.class, LogService.class, SLF4JLogService.class );
ops = context.getService( OpService.class );
log = context.getService( SLF4JLogService.class );
Florian Jug
Sep 05 2016 08:02 UTC
@ctrueden Ok, I go ahead now and check how far I come… I will update you on progress and pitfalls. Once I found a solution and you agree that it qualifies as ‘valid solution’ I would be happy to summarize me newly acquired knowledge somewhere on
Curtis Rueden
Sep 05 2016 13:42 UTC
@fjug Great! Looking forward to hearing how things work out for you. Maybe editing the Logging page would make sense. Perhaps an FAQ section, if the info does not fit cleanly anywhere else.
Florian Jug
Sep 05 2016 19:26 UTC
@ctrueden I played all day… it’s late now and I will go home.
I did not yet come to an end, but got to know slf4j and log4j much better.
I know you are busy, but do you think we could discuss logging in imagej at some point via Skype for a few minutes.
I just notice that I start thinking about just doing it without the SLF4JLogService to save time and pain, but then I would like to see logging being usable (otherwise everyone continues for ever with his/her own solutions.
Let me know if you think it makes sense to speak about this issue...
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Curtis Rueden
Sep 05 2016 20:03 UTC
@fjug Why not start a forum thread?