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Sep 2016
Curtis Rueden
Sep 06 2016 02:28
@fjug In your code above, you don't have to put SLF4JLogService.class in the Context constructor. Putting LogService is enough.
And you don't have to write context.getService( SLF4JLogService.class )—you should write context.getService( LogService.class ).
Services are interface-driven; you ask for a service of a given interface, and you get back the highest priority implementation of that interface.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Sep 06 2016 08:55
@kephale and friends: I am trying to build a 3D viewer for TrackMate, based on the ThreeDViewer.
  • Do you think now is a good time for prototyping it?
  • I am having difficulties making a repo that depends on ThreeDViewer. The later depends on ClearVolume, and the deps cannot be found. Do you have suggestions on how to setup a pom.xml for such a project?
Curtis Rueden
Sep 06 2016 13:11
@fjug Thanks! I'll respond when I have time.
Florian Jug
Sep 06 2016 13:11
@ctrueden no worries!