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Sep 2016
Sep 29 2016 18:22 UTC
Hi there, I was wondering how useful or complex should a script be to be considered as a potential plugin? I have written few things (useful but no rocket-science) and I believe it could be interesting to share it... Any suggestions?
Curtis Rueden
Sep 29 2016 18:54 UTC
@nstifani When you say "considered as a potential plugin" do you mean: at what point should you port it to a Command plugin written in Java, instead of keeping it as a script?
I would say "maybe never"... scripts are really good. One consideration is if you are doing a lot of control structures like loops... that might be slower depending on the script language. Worth testing.
Of course, there are many other types of plugins besides Commands, which cannot be written as scripts currently.
One consideration at the moment is that it is currently not possible to annotate a script with metadata such as "can this script run headless" whereas with a Command, you can via the @Plugin annotation.
However, I want to change that.