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Sep 2016
Sep 30 2016 02:17 UTC
@ctrueden Well In my non-specialist word plugin = .jar
I guess I meant macros regrouped in a .jar. How do I know that it is worth sharing them?
Jan Eglinger
Sep 30 2016 08:41 UTC
@nstifani it's not required to put scripts into a jar file for sharing them and uploading to an update site. That depends more on how many scripts that are and if you want to manage dependencies centrally.
How about making them available on first, and announcing them on the forum or the wiki?
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Sep 30 2016 12:44 UTC
(the TrackMate paper is accepted for publication!! :wine_glass: )
Jan Eglinger
Sep 30 2016 12:45 UTC
@tinevez congrats! :clap: :wine_glass:
Hadrien Mary
Sep 30 2016 12:49 UTC
Bravo !!!
Curtis Rueden
Sep 30 2016 13:19 UTC
@tinevez :fireworks: :beers:
@nstifani Ah, I understand what you are asking now. Whether to share some work you did... my inclination is to say yes whenever possible—and no only when necessary (e.g., legal issues). As long as you communicate the status of the project, so users have the right expectations, I'd say go ahead and announce it.
E.g.: If it's something you did quickly, and do not have time to support, then certainly say that in the README.
This is how my group does it:
Not a lot there—my point is just the README, which hopefully makes clear that these are not general solutions for everyone, but which we share just in case they help.
Philipp Hanslovsky
Sep 30 2016 16:27 UTC
Congrats @tinevez !