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Oct 2016
Oct 18 2016 16:11 UTC
@ctrueden it's an airborne laser data but converted to raster format in 2D. It's okay. manage to solve it. but m having one more problem, i try to use morphological segmentation from morpholibJ plugin, but there's nothing show from the window. Only blank white window. the other function from the plugin seems works fine (i didn't test all anyway). Any idea?
Curtis Rueden
Oct 18 2016 16:18 UTC
@shafrina Post on the ImageJ forum. @iarganda (author of morpholibJ) is active there and can help you! :-)
@shafrina See also the Bug reporting best practices for suggestions on how to explain your problem clearly.
Oct 18 2016 16:42 UTC
@ctrueden thanks!!
Hadrien Mary
Oct 18 2016 20:05 UTC
hey @tinevez , have a look at this fiji/TrackMate#89 when you have sometime. Any input will be great !